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Tatsuo Companion

Location Four Shields, Dragon Bridge.

Tatsuo Companion…

with Candy Shop Full Body slidewith Candy Shop Full Body slide

Zero Two Companion

“Don’t worry, we’ll always be together, Until the day we die.”

~~ Zero Two ~~

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Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects - these aremy current ongoing projects and some of them I may need your help with. So please give a read through and see if you have any info that can help me out.


wip - Jalola

The Jalola project is a custom voice redguard follower. I should be introducing the first lines of dialog sometime next month. I have made a special tier on Patreon for anyone who would like to sponsor this project.


WIP - Vitas Vitale

This is a custom request that I had a while back on a broken promise of sponsorship. I will customize this follower for anyone who wants to sponsor this project. Until then this project is inactive.


Rigmor Replacer

Rigmor of Cyrodiil version, sexy grown up and ready to rock your adventures


Avatar - The Legend of Korra

I like to do several things with this mod, I like to change the dialog, make some action combat sayings or whatever.. definitely want to update the Skyrim Special Edition Avatar version look, face structure, hair and so on. Oh I did get a few comments on Korra's Nexus page complaining I whitewashed the character .. oops my bad lol.


SGoS - Sorority Girls of Skyrim

Sorority Girls of Skyrim The SGoS Series for SE. While Lnyx and Akari have their own mods now the other girls still waiting for their single mod debut. These will be converted to high poly head with my own sculpting on top of Pajimans amazing face presets. My idea is to keep the face as close to the original but giving them some uniqueness and individuality. I mean i have had maybe 1 or 2 comments on the Nexus about how they all look a like lol. All I can say is that I'll see what I can do about that 🙂



The title says it all, this is an ongoing NPC replacer project. Must NPC replacers as great as they are they mostly seem to be made for realism. My intention behind this project is to throw realism out the window and just have some fun creating some outlandish fantasy characters. I know this replacer will not be to everyone's liking but hopefully there are a few that would enjoy using Skyrim NPC replacers that look like the love babies of Square Enix and CD PROJEKT RED


Happy Modders

Chocolate Serana Replacer and or Jasmine Follower UPDATE Added Racemenu Presets

Jasmine is located in the Night Gale Inn
She can be married

Requirements varies depending on the version you choose.

OPTIONAL: High Poly Head to use the high poly head options you must have this mod in your load order

OPTIONAL: CBBE Enhancer is required for all CBBE options

OPTIONAL: CBBE 3BBB is required if you choose a CBBE 3B body

OPTIONAL: All BHUNP options require the following mod

OPTIONAL: Bodyslide and Outfit Studio is required if you want to use the bodyslides that come with CBBE and BHUNP Customizers

Demoniac Skin
High Poly Head
Maeven2 Brows
Eyes of aber
Female make up suite
KS Hair

FOMOD Creation Tool
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyySporty Sexy Sweat by Xs2realitySporty Sexy Map by Xs2reality

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