First thanks for your support.. I been kicking around a really good idea for an npc replacer.. Well two ideas that I want to make happen.

The first typical type replacer, like you seen many times before but Patreons will choose the faces and even provide them if they like..

The second I have come up with an idea that should be compatible with almost if not all replacer mods.. At least I hope so, i’m pretty sure it will work. This idea adds new hair styles to npcs in a way that won’t affect your current faces on the npcs.. 

just waking up here so it’s a little hard to explain but will try to provide an example either today or tomorrow.

thanks again for your support.. Any open projects then get back to me so i know what to do.. I have bad memory. memory like lunch meat…

anyway thanks again! now it’s time for me to mod a cup of coffee 😉 

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