Akemi the Snow Elf 5 SE 2020

Akemi the Snow Elf 5 SE

Requires: Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-, KS Hairdos – HDT SMP (Physics)

Location:  Temple of Kynareth Whiterun

Can marry.

Akemi the Snow Elf first came out in June of 2016, their are several versions of her available and she has been used for fan base art and comics since. Here’s a look at a fan made story here: Akemi origin story (fan made)

Short Back Story:

The souls from Akemi’s ancient ancestors rose from the ground in the form of wraiths. They cradled her body and carried her into the air. Akemi choking on her own blood, heard a voice that said “Not yet for you are my chosen and you shall restore harmony

Akemi replied faintly “my sisters, my sisters I.. I…” A gust of wind touched her lips “silence my child, your day will come. Until then sleep”
4021 years later…
An adventurer has a vision of a Snow Elf that will aide him in his battles..
This new chapter is The Story of You and the Champion of Auri-El