Asherz Allies Lind Follower Basics Plus

Basic Plus includes all the class options

Basic Plus uses your default skin textures and body meshes,

It is not advised to switch class types during the same playthrough (saved game)

Asherz Allies are npcs that interact with the game world and also can be recruited to follow or marry.

Customizations depend on the version you have.

Lind model stats:


50 weight

.96 height



location: Lind the Ranger can be found by the Crabby Shanty during the week. She also visits the Inns in Dragon Bridge, Solitude and Morthal but on the weekends she can by found at the temple of solitude


location: Lind the Barbarian can be found wandering around Riverwood during the day and evenings At the Sleepy Giant Inn, On the weekends she often go to Whiterun Bannered Mare and the temple


location: Lind the Witch spends her days at the Arcanaeum but at night she is resting in the Hall of Attainment. On  Sat and Sunday she is in the Halls of Elements


location: Lind the Thief wanders Riften during the day and at nights she is either in the Bee and Barb or Ragged Flagon. She visits the Temple of Mara on Saturdays.


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