Diana Pureblood No Mercy 2017
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This is a redone version of Diana Pureblood No Mercy Edition 2017 for Skyrim SE. This Diana was requested by several people so I’m glad to finally have something to share.

The face sculpt is based on the work of Marmotte (Skyrim Scandal) but unlike my other versions of Siana which I tried to make as close to Marmottes vision as possible this version of Diana is made in the way I see her. So I kind of let loose and not worry about creating a duplicate of Marmottes Diana but rather just did things my way.

While I feel Diana Vampyre mod is by far the best Diana mod I have ever created, I do appreciate the request for me to bring No Mercy to Skyrim SE

You can find her in the Halls of the Dead in Windhelm.


Bodyslides included – You can change her body type using the many body slide options within the mod.

She uses Serana voice and will need RDO to recruit her.


BodySlide and Outfit Studio

Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-

Lazy Tools Use Standalone Lazy Heels Version

RaceMenu High Heels

Another Vampire Leather Armor – CBBE SSE BodySlide