HG Hairdos By summerdew

Holiday Gift Hairs

this is really unexpected but I just want to make it clear about the permission of this hair mod because I got alots of pm about it and I do appreciate that you ask but it is unnecessary and you can do anything you want with them , it really not my place to dictate permission I don’t want to parade around sth I didn’t make as my own, they are ported, and sorry to all the people I didn’t reply to I’m also very surprise the amount of love and popularity this mod get, I just read a reddit thread about it a few weeks ago that made me smile and also the many screenshots I saw, so figured I would made one last update with one last hair pack because why not about the new hairs,

I made a new esp for this cause I actually deleted the old hg hair from my game I got bored of it and never use also most of them looks bad,

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still some good one tho, there are no hair list this time I’m too lazy, not really as enthusiast as when I first upload it, everything you need to know are in the readme, don’t forget to read it if you play fallout 4 some of the hairs are converted to over there as well by gtaman9 and femshepping again don’t forget to credit KS Hairdos instead if you use this hair on your follower, I use some of the hair textures from there and as a thank you to @Kalilies and I certainly wouldn’t forget about @TweetingVobla and @Daymarr for their previous screenshots and help for this mod, thank you and thank you everyone for your support, this is the final one this time old hg hairdos archive https://mega.nz/folder/1x4kUaLY#VyCNB3P-uhYcJ0bVKNjXrQ crediting me is kinda pointless since this is just a random throwaway account you won’t find me with this username anywhere else, if you do it’s someone else