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Whether you're brand spanking new to modding or a seasoned veteran the Make A Follower Kit will aide you in achieving one of the most sort out modding skills in the community that being NPC creation.

The secret to the MAFKITs success is that unlike other guides that try to teach the mod author all the "in and out" of creating a custom follower before the mod author even starts on their own.

We're going to take a very different approach to creating followers in The Elders Scrolls 5. You can make a custom follower for Skyrim and have the exact look that you want in game within minutes!


No joke folks, Follower mods are easy to create. 

So without farther delay let's get started. Below you'll see requirements for Skyrim Special Edition as well as for Skyrim Legacy. 

If you have any questions on how to install any of the requirements below then please comment and let me know.

Once you have everything you need and properly installed then click the "Next" button at the bottom of this page to proceed to the next chapter.

Skyrim Special Edition




Creation Kit 64

SSE CK Fixes

Check out my slideshow for help with installing any of the requirements

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Skyrim Legacy Edition




Creation Kit

Nif Merge

* Can use Enhanced Character Edit Instead of Racemenu