I’m still alive, if you check www.modhoarders.com, I have most of my current projects listed. I’ve got a lot of open projects to finish.

in the meantime I just published this lil bird on the Nexus

Yuno High Quality and High Customizable Companion at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus – Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)

Next project is Zerotwo which is about 50% complete. Probably more complete than that but I had a few set backs with it.

The supergirl and wonder woman outfits are too low poly, i’m going to acquire some outside help for it but honestly no one legit wants to touch it until I have perms secured and so far no luck in reaching the original mod author. 

NPC replacer, looks like I lost my old facegens including the one I made for Irileth. I still have the hard drive but I tried everything I know to save the files and no such luck yet. which also means until I replace that hard drive I only have about 100 gigs left on my other drive to use for modding. 

So space is tight right now. Create a mod then remove all the junk it took to create it to make room for another mod.. it’s a bit of a pain but still doable until I replace the old drive. Still really hoping to get into the broken drive though, not just for modding but I had all my old pics growing up scanned and placed on that drive. That hurts a little but still have hopes that I can get into the drive and save my files.

Anyway back to the NPC replacer, I been mostly just collecting faces for it. When I am ready it won’t be so hard to put the faces into the game. I think instead of gathering all the hair files that I will make the mod depend on KS hair and any unique hair that’s not in KS I’ll just add myself. 

It just makes more sense to make a replacer mod depend on the ks hair mod instead of pulling the assets from it. It’ll free up hard drive space, it’ll be more performance friendly, less chance for hair fails. It just seems like the right thing to do.

did I mention I have a new mod on the Nexus? 😉 

As always thanks for the support and happy modding 🙂

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