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Asherz Skyrim Follower Taintedsoul17 Aelrie

Updated: Apr 20

TaintedSoul17 Collection



Created in LE and SE (LE needs facegen redone)

Custom Body Meshes

Custom Skin Textures

Bodyslides CBBE (SE Only)

ESP Available

Playable (SE Only)

Add book cover texture


Wood Elf


In the Dead Mans Drink

can marry

Author notes:

I'm a little behind on this one. Just finishing up the FMOD now. I need to add screenshots, build the Nexus page. Oh an ESL version.

I may skip on a BHUNP version - not many downloads for it.

It's monday evening bout 6am, going to try to wrap this one up in the next couple hours. Should be on the Nexus soon! Will update with link

9:30pm eastern time Update: getting close to publishing but unfortunately out of time for the night.

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