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Kloutto's Companion Collection High Poly CBBE BHUNP Bodyslides ESL

Kloutto's Companions is an npc and follower collection featuring the face sculpting work of Kloutto and the follower creation of Asherz. Available in CBBE, BHUNP With Bodyslides


 I noticed Kloutto's Female Preset Pack on the Hot Mods the other day and decided to check them out in game. They are well done face presets, realistic jawlines, detailed eyes and so on. Since Kloutto has open permissions on his presets I've decided to turn it into a follower pack. 

You can recruit the npcs as followers or just let them remain doing their thing as npcs in the location they were set in.

Kloutto didn't have any character names for the presets so I used one of those Skyrim Fantasy Name Generators. :)

Every follower has been heavily detailed with perks, spells, armor, combat styles, AI package and so on.

As always quality takes priority with this mod. 

This mod is also ESL flagged and does not affect load order plugin limit

Name, Race and Location:

Matissa - Breton - Markarth Temple of Dibella

Evelene Senilandas Dark Elf - Windhelm New Gnisis Corner Club

Angie Elsinire High Elf - Solitude Justicars Headquarters

Vonia Seninia Imperial - Whiterun Belethor's General Goods

Frekja Nord - Windhelm Palace of Kings

Katela Nord- Windhelm Palace of Kings

Petri Nord - Riften Bee and Barb

Jaliisa Redguard - Whiterun Dragonsreach

Dothawen Softmire Wood Elf - Riften Bee and Barb

Menereth Oakvale Wood Elf - Falreath Dead Mans Drink



High Poly Head -

KS Hairdos -


Soft Requirements:

Relationship Dialog Overhaul (RDO)

Two of the NPCs will need this if you want them as a follower.



Kloutto's Female Preset Pack

High Poly Head

Eyes of Beauty

KS Hairdos

Pretty Darker Brows

CBBE Enhancer


Skin Textures:




Maevan (Retired)



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