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Lynx Pre-Release

Lynx Pre Release

This is the Lynx follower. The mod is fully functional but I do plan to update before making it public.

Things that I still want to do: Trim the file size down change the ground images that show up in the inventory and spell menus Make a spell book so the player can use Lynx blink spell as well as the follower Still need to add BHUNP support Add her custom arrows to her inventory and maybe a few small tweaks to her stats. Replace a couple weapons with weapons made by Ghozgul Add a thank you book for Patrons in game

As it is now

Lynx custom blink spell

Appearance is done

combat style and class done

all armor added

comes with several glowing ebony weapons

Start location Bee and Barb

Bodyslide support for Lynx body CBBE, CBBE physics, 3BA

Bodyslide support for her outfit is already done by other mod authors

that's about it, the Mod is playable and with the exception of a few tweaks mostly finished.

Will provide an update within the next 24 hours.

Download SE

Download current bodyslide support (CBBE and 3BA only - BHUNP not made yet)

Also including my new Bold Fantasy Bodyslide presets which will be released as a separate mod in the near future.

As always thanks for the support and let me know of any request.

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