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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Reza always worked hard to achieve success. She was the bell of the Eldergleam sanctuary... until SHE came along, that is. This new elf, looking different than the rest of us, and from another world at that. All that Reza had achieved was being taken from her by this...this SHOWMAN.

Over time, Reza and this girl had become quite formidable rivals. However all the improvements that she was able to make during that time did not quell Reza's need to defeat The new elf.

One day a strange woman walked into their village, and Reza, as a leader would, met her at the sanctuary entrance. "Can i help you? I do not thin..." Reza started, but the lady just passed by her, softly saying "no, no, are not my Emerald." 

The lady was dressed in red with red eyes and red hair. She was evil. Reza knew it; if she was not careful, someone was going to die. Immediately she knew what she had to do.

A wicked smile crossed Reza's face. "You know what? I bet you are looking for Rolaryn. She's always the popular one around here. Only thing is, she went to hunt in the forest, that way. You'll have to find her." The lady looked at Reza for a moment, then another, and another and then sat down beside her, and leaned in, as if to whisper something.

 "The path of fate that you are trying to carve will not turn out the way you think, child. You think you are throwing her away, but in fact you are going to get back more than you want. Be warned."

Reza did not flinch. "Go find your elf" she said, almost defiant. "Then take your leave. Take her and do what you want but leave our village alone."

The lady just stared at her. "Done." Then she rose, as the obvious demonic woman walked towards the forest, she stopped and addressed Reza. "I'll tell you this, little girl. You are almost there too. Keep training, and one day, who knows? We can't all be maidens."

Name: Reza  Location: Eldergleam sanctuary Race: 100% Pure Wood Elf Weight 100 Marriage: Enable Class: Storm Druid or Battle Mage Body Types: UNP, 7b, CBBE, UUNP with option to use your own installed default body and skin Unique Abilites and Spells: Turns to lightning particles for brief speed and immunity. Ride the Lightning spell that turns her into a fierce ball of electrical lightning. Alchemy expert and maker of Lightning in the Bottle BONUS:  Get Lightning in a Bottle recipe from Rezas inventory and take her stack of potions. This potion enables the user to travel at great speeds in a ball of lightning and sparks, it grants regen abilities, immune to fall damage. Use Lightning in a Bottle to travel from one area to another in a blink of an eye. Install: Plug and Play use your mod manager or manual. Choose Only One Main file.  Warnings: Users of Follower Live Package (FLP) Combat AI needs to be disable for Reza Unique fighting style to work. You can disable the combat AI completely or go to her individual settings within FLP MCM and just disable it for her.


The New Skyrim Addicts

Rip X

Asherz Skyrim

Leyenda Skin

Fair Skin Complexion

Eyes of Beauty

Maro Brows

BodySlide and Outfit Studio

Additional Credits:

- Caliente- Ousnius- ChronoTrigger77- stuffed_bunny- btn2k3 for kicking off the Unified UNP project- Halofarm for the Unified UNP feet and hands- HeroedeLeyenda for helping with the HDT setup or UUNP Special- Each of the creative minds that made one of the shapes UUNP consists of- Groovtama for the RM Morph scripts and XPMSE as the OS reference skeleton


Kwanon ENB


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