Serana - Vampire Maiden UNP for LE

Updated: Aug 12, 2020 EXCLUSIVE! This chick turns into BATS, son!

Serana took a long look over the cliffs that overlooked her father’s castle. She had been active, helping the dragonborn and basically trying to live her own life, yet had not yet found her true purpose. While pondering these things, a voice spoke to her.

“Hello, child.” Serana spun around to see an old lady. How did she know Serana was there? How did she even get up the mountain? That should have been impossible for most people, much less an old woman.

“What do you want, old woman? I am up here, alone, for a reason” Serana quipped harshly. The old lady smiled. “Serana, daughter of Harkon, vampire lord. I have never seen someone so intent on pulling away from their family history. No matter, though. I am here to assist you with that.”

“And how do you expect to do that?” Serana asked, and then connected the image of the old woman with the tales of the gemstone maidens that she had heard in her travels… a connection that did NOT bring a smile to her face.

“You have got to be kidding me” she said. “I’m not about to become one of your “Magical Fairy Princesses” so you can just forget that right now.” The old lady replied “Child, you will do what is required of you. You can accept it or not but know that it will not change the outcome. You are one of four maidens chosen to help defend the world. The other three have accepted their fate with honor. You are the last one. Now quit complaining. It is time.” And with that, the old woman pulled out a key, blueish, but not a tad of green mixed in. “You are to be the turquoise maiden.”

“Whatever. I don’t care” she said, when all of a sudden, Serana had a flash of thought and a devious smile crossed her face. “Tell me, old woman, do I have any say in what happens to me? I mean, obviously there is a physical transformation, yes? Do I have any say in that process?” The old woman paused. “What exactly are you referring to, Serana?” Serana thought for a second. “Say... my hairstyle. Can I make a request of it? I am tired of long hair… and of this outfit.” “I think short hair is not impossible, and you get new armor anyway, so yes on both, if you desire that” the old woman assured her. “Anything special?” Serana smiled. “Nightingale armor, and as for the hair… I’m sure you know of the maiden known as Bloodruby?”

The old woman, straight faced, answered. “Ryba Stone, the 4th prophecy ruby maiden. Yes, I know of her, but she has been cured of her Bloodruby persona for a while now.” Serana smiled. “I want that hair, and that appearance.” The old woman whispered “Do you have an issue with Ryba Stone, Serana? I mean, she has killed many of your kind…”

Serana looked up for a moment, then asked, “Will I encounter the “great” Ruby maiden on this “great journey”?" The old woman looked at Serana as she smiled. She walked up to the apparently riled up vampire and merely whispered “Child, I don’t know if you are quite ready for that yet.”

Serana smiled back at the old woman. “Well, we will see about that, Old woman. Now give me my key" she said as she shot the old woman the most evil of looks. "It’s Magical Fairy Princess time.”

2 versions (GET the ESP) - This is the ESP

1. DOWNLOAD: Turquoise Armor Serana - WILL overwrite your nightingale armor

2. DOWNLOAD: Regular Nightingale Armor Serana

Both are absolute BEASTS! Give her a great 1H sword and you are GOOD!!

Congratz!! You found her location!! Sleepy Giant, Riverwood cause i'ts THE spot for followers LOL


Asherz, for his Bat Travel spell, Heal spell, and many fixes he did to keep Bloodruby on track.

MassiveMaster, For her eye and skin help in this and many of my mods.

Fair Skin byHHaley:

KS Hairdos renewal byKalilies and Stealthic :

DIMONIZED UNP female body by Dimon99:

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