The Gemstone Prophecy 1 - Destiny LE and SE

"TOTALLY brilliant. This is by far one of the best mods I have played. It could easily have been a DLC. Apart from a few typos and some grammatical issues. this was outstanding." - Devon63

"Great job and nice story. Reading all of the books as they are found really rounded out the story and made it enjoyable.

Thanks for all your work! - Offrapel

"Congrats RipX on such great work. I've been following the development of this mod for a long time. Downloaded and endorsed!" - MobiusBelmont

"Thank you for this mod it was like reading a story book and and playing it. hope you keep making mods like this." - MysticVoyager

"Hello there, thank you very much for the mod you did a really good job I really enjoyed playing to it, the girls are really appealing and uniques, futhermore the story is epic. It's been a real pleasure to follow this journey for Tamriel's sake. 

By the way are you planning to do another mod?" - Claman7411

From the Minds of The Lost Cavern of Prophecy and Hammet's Dungeon Packs comes... TheGemstoneProphecy, a quest style mod in the vein of the old school RPGs... The player learns of a great evil and must assemble a team to fight that evil while finding loot and upgrades along the way, while learning the story behind The Gemstone Prophecy.

It has been five months since the Shyeri warrior Rolonce' had become famous in Skyrim by discovering the lost cavern of prophecy and finding the ruins of an ancient battle between the Bloodstone and The Gemstone Maidens, proving that the legends of lore were actually true. You have been given a tip of another set of ruins, and set out to discover them, and become famous as well.

LE -


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This Adventure Includes-

- A set of Dungeons, Temples and Caves created by Venjhammet

- 4 followers, with custom skin and eyes, all getting Custom sets of armor and Custom Weapons with different enchantments throughout the game

- 1 set of Custom player armor

- 1 custom NPC Boss character with Custom Armor and Weapon

- TONS of items at the end - you will be good to go after finishing this

- 1 awesome Mansion with all the amenities and a shopkeeper

- 30 books detailing a rich storyline and lore of the Prophecy

How to Start your Journey -

ATTENTION: This mod has books that point you where to go. This "quest" has NO quest markers that pop up (it's a book-driven quest), so don't think it isn't working if you do something and nothing pops up. Just follow the directions and read all the books and you'll be fine. The story is important to the quest. The storyline for the mod is fleshed out over the course of the mod by over 30 gemstone prophecy "lore" books detailing the current timeline (as it unfolds) as well as a series of books that talk about the maidens, the last gemstone battle and also the story of Bloodstone, all written by RipX.READ ALL BOOKS! Start by looking west of gallows rock (see pic)

You can also COC baneriftext to start the quest if you get lost

The Legend of the Gemstone Prophecy -

In the next of a repeating cycle that has occurred through time, Molag bal has once again decided that the world deserves to die, and has vowed to destroy it. He has been harvesting the evil of mankind and now has enough evil energy to summon his Bloodstone, destroyer of worlds... The Divines realize that they do not want to rule over a dead world, and, in secret, make the decision to create champions to defeat her. The divines have taken eight magical gemstones and from those have created Magical Armor and weapons to accompany 8 Gemstone maidens, who will challenge and defeat Molag bal's Bloodstone. But it will not be easy. Molag Bal has resurrected the ancient architect Venj-Hammet, who has created four dungeons of incredible evil power.  The dragonborn must find 4 of these maidens and take them through their dungeon, and then claim their magic armor and weapon. Then, with all four maidens together, you must finally face and defeat the Bloodstone... who has her own secret. All this is done while learning the story of the maidens, The last time this happened, and even Bloodstone herself. The risk is great and the reward is fitting a mission of this magnitude. Are you ready to fulfill The gemstone prophecy?

Requirements -

1.- A Follower framework mod that will enable you to have 4 followers and enable you to manage their armor, weapons and inventory. - AFT is known to cause issues when trying to give the girls their armor. EFF with FLP and RDO may be a much better choice.

2. -The regular same ol






Q - You looking for videos, reviews, or pics of the mod from players to put on the mod page?

A - Yes, please. Screenarchers, I'd LOVE it. Thanks in advance!

Q- Any Conflicts?

A - Well there's not anywhere in skyrim that's NOT modded nowadays, so there's always a chance. You may need to disable a mod or 2 while you are playing this, but it'll be worth it.

Q - Are either these versions of the maidens, the armor, or weapons going to be released separately?

A - A follower pack with these 4 and 4 new versions will be available shortly, with new armor and the close to the gemstone prophecy (part 1, that is...)

Credits -

This mod is truly a collaborative effort throughout many great modders.

- VenjHammet, for providing the amazing dungeons and countless amounts of editing help throughout the course of development 

- Ashes2Asherz, for so many things. He took the launch file (which had a lot of errors) and spent days fixing a million things .He also made many aspects of the mod better, including maiden combat and many others.

- BoneTounge, For help with design, lighting, script, armor, follower creation and many other things

- Pandorable, for helping me re imagine the maidens and Bloodstone, with amazing designs and beautiful presets. 

- MassiveMaster, for creating a custom version of her baby Doll X skin & custom eyes for the maidens as well as creating Emerald's bow and Arrows and helping with makeup work

- RavenDier, for letting me use his fantastic Elven Chainmail Armor to create the Maiden's Armor

- Taoxue, for working hard to try and get a courier and quests working, along with some tweaking help

- Ronnie Magnum, for the exclusive weapons created for Amethyst and Sapphire

- LeonMalan, for giving us a fantastic gift that the player will receive at the end of the mod.

- MFeile1974, This...NONE of this would even exist at all if it wasn't for this woman. For helping me bring the original Amethyst, Ruby, and Emerald to life, she helped create the very beginning of the Gemstone universe. Her original versions of Amethyst Ruby and Emerald are still very popular -

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