The Gemstone Prophecy 2 - Deception - LE and SE

"WOW! Play thru was cool but the ending was off-the-chain for some awesome possibilities!!! Very original writing with "outside the box" thinking in your mods! Really looking forward to the final! Outstanding work!!!" - Bradman2019 Now, for THIS Mod, you will need to start your journey in the courtyard of the maidens. The door to this courtyard is in the courtyard of the Blue Palace of Solitude, on the right when you zone in. 

Remember, you NEED to READ all the books. The books ARE the game, in a way. There are no quest markers. Just follow the Books and their direction and you'll be fine. 

The Story In this, the second part of the Gemstone Trilogy, It has been just a year since the Maidens of the 4th Prophecy saved the world. Skyrim cheered Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire and celebrated with them at the "Day of the maidens", held in Solitude, by Elisif. Shortly after the celebration, they disappeared, not to be seen again. There are many rumors floating around as to what happened to them, and where they have gone... but again, they are just rumors. What is very disturbing is that the Divines have discovered that Molag bal has ALREADY collected a staggering amount of evil energy, from the sin of man. At this rate, He will be able to resurrect his Bloodstone almost a thousand years early. No one knows how or why this is possible. The 4th prophecy gemstones are still charging, meaning the divines will once again have to call for maidens, and will have to use the other four enchanted gemstones: Diamond, Onyx, Citrine, and Topaz.   You will need to find the four new 5th prophecy maidens, living throughout Skyrim, and then make your way through the tombs of the 3rd prophecy maidens, which the evil dead mage warrior king Vuldur has revealed and populated with all types of evil and varying forms. You will face many dangers, but will be rewarded with magical armor and weapons for the maidens. At the end, you will find and battle the Bloodstone of Molag Bal for the fate of the world as you attempt to uncover why this is happening so fast, and learn the incredible truth of the prophecy, a secret that will change the maidens forever. The Gemstone Prophecy 2 - Deception - The Gemstone Prophecy 2 - Deception - SSE Version - Requirements - 1.- A Follower framework mod that will enable you to have 4 followers and enable you to manage their armor, weapons and inventory. - AFT is known to cause issues when trying to give the girls their armor. EFF with FLP and RDO may be a much better choice. 2. - The regular same ol-SKSE-Dragonborn-Hearthfires-Dawnguard 3. - This mod Questions and Answers: 1. Q - I have not played the first Gemstone prophecy. Do I need to play it before I play part 2?     A- Yes. This is #2 of a trilogy. Part 1 establishes the lore and a lot of characters and information used in part 2. You'll gain a lot by playing Part 1 first... and it's really not that long. There are some mods I put out between GP1 and 2 that really add a lot to the story. If anything, find them and at LEAST read the backstories so you know what has happened between 1 and 2 for proper context. 2. Q - I have the first Gemstone prophecy or The Maidens of Prophecy. Will either of them interfere with part 2?     A - 1. Play through Lost Cavern, then dismiss Rolonce back at the Nightgate Inn when finished. 2. Play through Gemstone I, recruiting all 4 girls, beating the mod, then dismiss them inside the new player home at the very end of that mod... 3. Start Gemstone II, following the books like the previous mods, recruiting the girls, etc... Credits (under construction): VenjHammet for providing the dungeons in this mod. FF7Legend For finding every bug in the mod, and in many times, upgrading it. Massive Master for the island, the weapon and the armor textures. Luv U girl! Ashers2Asherz for helping me all the time with follower stuff, and alowing inclusion of Diana in the gemstone lore. Comrade1280 for the valkerie meshes. Pandorble for all the graphical help/advice over many mods while the girls came together.

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