I got fired from my job lol, it’s okay I’ll be good for a few months which is plenty of time to get a new job BUT I still have a lot of free time now. sooooo…

Skyrim Special Edition Only

Send me your Racemenu or ECE preset and I’ll turn it into an npc follower.

Here’s the deal, I make the npc replacer or follower and share it on my Patreon account for two weeks  (Four weeks for non-patrons) after which you can do as you please with the mod. Including publish to the Nexus. 

Racemenu users I’ll need the following:

The jslot preset under the preset tab

The facegen export (nif and dds file) from the sculpting tab.

Enhanced Character Edit Users:

I don’t think the facegen export works in SE yet but that’s okay just send me the CME_save from ECE and I should be able to bounce it in Skyrim LE then convert to SE.

I’ll also need the characters name, the starting location and a chosen class type:

DPS melee or range


Tank (tanks may need 3rd party dependency like Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim)

Also remind me if I have any unfinished work that can be done.

 thanks for the support and patience! 

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