This service is for Skyrim XBOX 1 users only! SE users go here and LE users please go here. Now you can take your created characters all on the same adventures with your player character. This quick service offers you a chance to bring your characters in game. Estimated Time of Delivery is less than 24 hours. Please refer below for requirments that we here at Mod Hoarders will need to fulfil this order.

Skyrim XBOX Custom Follower NPC Creation

Stand Alone Skin Texture Forms
Stand Alone Body Meshes
NPC Combat and Armor Class
    • Mod Hoarders will only port followers to Xbox 1 if the face was sculpted by a Mod Hoarder author or permission is granted by the original facegen author. 

Make A Follower Kit & Guides

 Also known as the "MAFKit" is the most comprehensive follower and npc creation guide on the planet.

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