Sorority Girls of Skyrim SGoS Lynx
Lynx High Quality Follower
Sorority Girls of Skyrim (SGoS)
Schools Out Edition


with facegen creation by

Ok here’s the deal, this mod comes with several options
You can choose either High Poly Head which requires this mod here or the vanilla head.

The vanilla head is a Pajiman original facegen of Lynx 2019. This means I didn’t alter the facegen in anyway. It is straight from Pajimans computer to mine and now to your computer too.

Visit Pajimans Deviant Art page HERE

The other option is the High Poly Head from vector Plexus – This is a high poly convert using the Lynx 2019 preset. This head contains 4 times as many polys and makes smoother expressions.

Another option with the main files is the choice between CBBE or BHUNP, choose the one you use in your load order.

You can change her body type anytime using the bodyslides that I included. You no longer need to change body meshes manually for my newer followers.

Optional ESL which does not count toward your load order. Just make sure you choose the one that matches the head type. (High Poly Head option with high poly head main) Install and overwrite main file.

Lynx is located in the Bee and Barb
She is a custom class called “Harden Killer”
She prefers her two hand sword the most
Then Axe and shield 
Duel wield 
and finally bow and arrow.
All weapons are included thanks to the generosity of Ghozgul and ArtbyMari
Lynx comes with a custom blink spell that the player can also learn (it’s in her inventory)
Lynx will also marry the right Dragonborn.

Thank You For Your Support!