As many of you already know I have a few stalkers within the mod community. Two to be exact and sometimes they convince others to harass me as well but it’s always from two certain people not worth mentioning their names.

Well anyway long story short, I moved the hoarder site to a new provider, the old one was just too expensive and I thought I found a great provider to host the site. It started out good but then I went to my site and it was not up. I checked the settings and eventually found my way to a notice within the website panel that the site had been taken offline because of a report that the site goes against the servers terms of service .

No email or any notification that the site was taken offline all because someone reported it. Instead of doing a review of the site they just took it offline and did not notify me but when I finally found out, I could request a review.

That’s crazy right? Why not review the site when it was reported? I knew the site past any and all regulations the host provider had. There was no reason to take the site offline. None whatsoever so I did not change a damn thing on the site and requested a review. It only took a few hours later and the site was back up and running. Again no email notification explaining their actions despite I requested it.

These guys live to cause me grief. They spend hours reporting my post throughout the social networks. It’s no¬† coincidence that many times I get notifies from youtube, facebook, my web hosting and many other outlets I use all at the same time. Unfortunately much like a menstrual cycle it seems to happen monthly. all going to suddenly question content that I had up for years.

As many of you know I have gone toe to toe with these cringey creepers for years and I have dragged myself down to their level on many occasions but I stopped that a while back.

One thing I learn is to rise above those that try to cause you grief.

These creeps tried to pop me for having adult content but instead of giving in, I’ve decided they want to complain about adult content then I’ll give them real adult content to report.

Good luck with the reporting too.. This new hosting server is adult friendly and actually have real customer service. Best of all it’s paid for the next several years so good ole Mod Hoarders and Asherz are not going anywhere

Your hate and harassment just makes me stronger and brings more people together in support of my projects.

In the end it actually worked out well for me, I didn’t get to involved on the other host that never notified me. Because of the site lock-down it made me realize the host wasn’t for before I lost money and time rebuilding on it.

Bad news is and this happen regardless of the creepers, that I have no way of bring the old post to this new site. So I been setting up a template for post to help speed up the process of manually redoing everything but it will still take some time so please forgive our appearance while I load the content back into the website.

As always thank you for the support!