fov 22 head shots of female dark elf npc replacers from my upcoming mod “The Others – Witches and Warlocks”

This is a HUGE project changing I think somewhere around 170 faces? ( i forgets the math I did 😛 )

Anyway this npc replacer is made with the thought in mind that you already like the npc replacer you’re using but would still like to add some variety to trash mobs that you encounter in the game world.

All facegens in this mod use the vanilla head. I thought about using high poly Head but decided it’ll be a waste of vram since the player will be killing these actors off when encountered. So vanilla head makes sense to me for performance reasons.

I’m replacing all the non-essential no-name actors’ appearance to something a bit more interesting. You will be hacking and slashing at these actors Walocks, Witches and Hags.., the are your enemies and with that in mind I am giving them an eviler look.

This mod will be released early on Patreon while I finish the other races. I’m building this mod by race and once all the witches and warlocks (hags too) are finished then I will release on the Nexus.

Patreon members can access wip editions in the ready to play folder on my private file share space.

thx for the support!

These are some of the dark elves I did. let me know what you think?

Future npc replacers I like to do next would be definitely The Others: Forsworn.  After that probably The Others: Bandits or maybe vampires.

I’ll see how this project Witches and Warlocks go first and if people like it then I’ll be more than happy to expand to other factions. 

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